Friday Night Salsa and Tequila Tasting

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Salsa 101 and Tequila Tasting

There's the two-step, the boogalu, the twist - we could go on and on when describing the different styles of dance. But in New York City, there's one form that heats up the night, and takes the party to another level - salsa. It isn't the easiest thing in the world to salsa, but that doesn't mean that you can't learn. It's all about the music and what you feel, but even if you can't find that "rhythm" you seek, here's the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Every Friday night in Times Square, prepare for Salsa 101, a unique learning experience that will take on those who have always wanted to salsa, but have never dared.

This is the perfect introductory class for those with absolutely no prior experience in dance. You'll be able to discover the basics of this sexy style, in a friendly environment with other beginners as well! Don't worry about bringing a partner with you, we have you covered. To make the class even more enticing, it includes a tequila tasting following the big lesson. It's an overall active learning experience that not only makes you move, but educates you on every aspect that is tequila. Who would have known that salsa and tequila would make such a great combination?